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OASIS Overview

Finally!  Computerized sewer system management for the rest of us!

OASIS is designed for the small or medium size collection system agency that wants a strong but simple tool to computerize their system inventory, operations, and maintenance.

Running a wastewater collection is difficult enough and computerizing should not make the job harder. OASIS makes it easier.  OASIS will keep track of most everything about sewers that you'd want to keep in a computer and not require much more than pointing and clicking with your mouse.

Does your computer run on Windows 2000/XP/Vista? Then you've already bought all the computer hardware you need to run OASIS! It's that easy.

As a matter of fact, to see how easy it is, take a look at the OASIS Slide Show...

Now, just because OASIS is very user-friendly and easy to learn doesn't mean it's a lightweight contender. The program code is written in the world's most popular database program, Microsoft Access. But you don't need to buy a copy of Access before you can use OASIS because it comes pre-loaded (legally) with the Access files needed to run the program. And if you already have any version of Access on your computer, the OASIS installation program will not disturb those existing files.

Finally, OASIS lets you keep records the way they've always been kept in your agency. You don't have to back-fit your record-keeping system in order to make OASIS work. OASIS will store as little or as much information as you want. You can use the OASIS printable forms or you can skip them. It's up to you.

Think of OASIS as an electronic Rolodex for your collection system.

And the trialware version is available at no cost to you. 


Features List            (back to top of page)

Hint: The best way to learn about OASIS is to download the documentation which lists and illustrates many of the programs features and capabilities.

Information Storage Features

OASIS - the Operator Assisted Sewer Information System - is a computer software program written in Microsoft Access for managing sewer systems. OASIS keeps track of the sewer system’s location, specifications, history, inspections, condition scores, preventive maintenance, and work orders.

OASIS stores important information about each of the structures most commonly found in a collection system:

- manholes

- main lines

- service laterals

- catchbasins/storm drains

- septic tanks

For each of these structure types, the program keeps specific details in these seven areas:

Location, including address and mapping coordinates

Specifications, including size, length, depth, etc.

Background history, including date of construction and ownership

Condition scores that resulted from inspection, including ratings for structural integrity, cleaning, root intrusion, inflow/infiltration, odor, and vermin.

Preventive maintenance schedules, including the type of maintenance and its frequency

Work orders, including the type and amount of work done at the structure.


Complaint Handling Features

OASIS keeps track of the work orders that begin when a member of the public calls in a complaint. OASIS refers to them as "generic" work orders because the crew usually won’t be able to determine the ID of the structure they’ll be working until after arriving at the scene.

Reporting Features

OASIS has a very extensive reporting system that includes built-in reports that you can customize in hundreds of different ways. 

Protecting Your Data

All of the data tables in OASIS can be opened without restriction, using a regular copy of Microsoft Access. OASIS has been designed this way so that collection system agencies (and their computer support staffs!) can rest easy about maintaining control of their data.

About Date fields

Because OASIS is a Microsoft Access database, it takes advantage of all the functionality built into Access to handle date ranges up to the year 9999.

All the date fields in OASIS are four-year dates and you must enter a four-year date everywhere a date is stored in OASIS. For example, you cannot enter "98" for a year, you must enter "1998".

The default date that appears in the "Date Built" field for each structure is 01/01/1700. However, you can enter an earlier date back to the first century A.D. if you are operating exceptionally old sewers.


Pricing            (back to top of page)


Cost of the trialware version: 

Software price: $0

The trialware allows the user to install and use the program free of charge up to a maximum of 300 records. All features of the program are available with no restriction except the record limit. There is no time limit.

Cost of the paid version, as 06/01/2010: 

a) The cost of OASIS for one single public agency is $4100 

This breaks down to:

Software  1 license $3500
Tech support - telephone - pre-paid

 4 hours @ $150/hour

  Total $4100

The price per agency includes the server and all agency-owned workstations and laptops operated by the agency's personnel or consultants at the agency's business work sites. Pricing does not include off-site use of the OASIS program files by consultants or anyone else. However, use of data files is not restricted.

For those interested in the details of the end user license agreement, click here.

Additional tech support is billed - in advance - at $150/hour.

b) Onsite training is available at the same rate as tech support, plus normal travel time and expenses.

Please contact us with the details of your location and needs.

How to proceed with acquiring the paid version

If you want to proceed with acquiring the paid version of OASIS, please request a custom proposal for your agency that has a confirming estimate of costs.  Just contact us and we will fax or email you a proposal right away. Following your acceptance of the proposal, arrangements will be made to proceed with the OASIS installation.


Technical support:

Trialware version: Technical support is provided by email on a time-available basis.

Paid version:

Each end-user agency of OASIS starts off with a bank of pre-paid telephone support that can be used as needed. Additional support hours can be purchased according to your needs.

Additional on-site training and background support is available at the rate of $150 per hour plus appropriate expenses where applicable.


How To Follow-up:

For further information about OASIS, please contact:

Utility Software
999 Victoria Ct, Lafayette, CA 94549  USA
Phone:(925) 283-1963
Fax: Upon request, as needed.
Email: rc@xsewers.com
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Technical support by e-mail is: tech@xsewers.com
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